Terms Of Use

This is the Terms of Use for the product Registry Kit which is hereafter called the product or software. This notice serves as a legally binding agreement between the developers of the product and the end user hereafter called the user.


It is hereby assumed that the user has read and fully understood the Terms set forth herein prior to the application of the product. If the user does not agree to these terms, then he may not use it.


This product is sold or shipped on as and where is basis. The developer will not accept any losses resulting from unprescribed or unauthorized usage or application of the software other than its documented purposes.

Rights of the user

The user may use the product for personal purposes

The resulting data produced by the software can be redistributed

The product can be used on multiple PCs owned by the user

The user may reproduce copies of this product for archival or back up storage purposes


The product remains the property of RegistryKit and subject to the copyright laws of the United States and applicable international agreements in force. The user may therefore not modify any part of the software, no matter what the intention.

The user may not make unauthorized copies of the product for the purpose of resale or any other commercial purpose.


Failure to comply with the terms set forth here, abrogates the contract between the developer and the User.


The software has been thoroughly tested and is shipped on the premise that it will work as prescribed. In the event of any unforeseeable fatality, the developer will not accept any damages relating thereto as he cannot accurately test and predict the functionality of the software under all circumstances.

Back up

It is the responsibly of the user to ensure that all data is back up before the application of the software. This notice has been served here and also displayed in the software control panel. The developer will not accept any responsibility of any losses due to apparent disregard of this warning.


In installing our product, you agree that you will not use it to commit any offence including but not limited to

Libelous, racial, ethnic or other malicious activities.

Interfere maliciously with third party computer systems such that losses or unintended disruptions may occur on such facilities.

Contravene any law of the United States or in your area of jurisdiction.


The user will indemnify the developer of any loss of data, disruption of service or damage caused to the users system upon installation and application of the software.

The product comes without warranty or a replacement policy of any type.

You agree that this product is shipped in full functionality and that as at the time of downloading from our site, it had no fatal errors that could cause any foreseeable disruptions on your system or PC facilities. You also agree that any malfunctionality arising from the installation or application would not be attributable to the developer.

Upon downloading, it is assumed that the software is in the domain of the user. The developer will not accept any liabilities arising from any losses or malfunctionality arising from the storage of the product on the User’s PC.

By using the software, you unconditionally agree to the Terms set forth here without reference to any other mercantile rule in force in your area of jurisdiction.

You finally agree to indemnify the developers, their officers, web hosting company and marketers from any legal claims for any loses you incur from the usage of the software.


The developer has the right to amend the entire Terms or portions thereof without advance notice. It is the responsibility of the user to acquaint himself with the updated version as the developer will not accept any liabilities resulting from the users inability to review the current Terms.