Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy governing the use of this website.
This website collects identifiable information including emails, telephone numbers and website addresses. We principally obtain this information through the completion forms on our website.

When you visit our website, we may record your IP address, location and other data for our use. This information will be used to find out about who our visitors are, where they come from and their preferences. The data is also used to check malicious activities on our website so we can easily identify the source of any mishap. Visitors are assured that these pieces of information are used for legitimate purposes and will not be sold or rented out to any third party.

From time to time, we may want to determine the efficiency of our website and will resultantly rely on our server logs to find information about our website visitors. These records may disclose identifiable information about the user. Your data may be transferred to other third parties for the purposes of improving our services or as part of administrative procedures. In such an event, the developer will take utmost care to make sure that the information so transmitted is safeguarded.

We may comply with law enforcement agencies if they so request that we submit records of our website. Notwithstanding the fact that the developer has undertaken to safeguard your personal information, the legal request shall be deemed as overriding any commitment the developer may have previously made as it will be done in the interest of any ongoing investigations.
We may retain your information on our systems after you have cased doing business with us. We need to keep this information for accounting, managerial or tax purposes.

We guarantee that the personal information users shall be safe on our systems but we cannot provide absolute security for your data and will be indemnified in the event of any unforeseeable disruption to our system which results in the disclosure of user information. Nevertheless, we shall do our best to minimize the damage caused by such an event. Occasionally, we may use the email address provided by users to send the updates or important announcements.

We may change the provisions in this document from time to time without advance notification.